We have remodeled our boats. New floors, carpets, hot tubs, furniture, party top, and detailed exterior.

Luxury Houseboat Rentals on Lake Ouachita Arkansas

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Effective November 1st, 2018 Almost Home Houseboat Rentals and Aqua Fun Boat Rentals will be owned and operated by North Shores Resort and Marina.

When it comes to planning the perfect vacation, you can have it all with Lake Ouachita Houseboat Rentals

Let’s face it, different people want different things from a vacation. Whether you’re trying to plan a trip for the family or a group of friends, it seems that everybody has their own opinion about where to go and what to do. Some people want to bask in the lap of luxury. Others need constant adventure. Seclusion, sight-seeing, or nightlife top other people’s lists. No matter how carefully you plan, it seems that somebody is left out of the fold.

That’s what makes Lake Ouachita houseboat rentals the perfect vacation option – finally, you can please everyone at once.

We know what you’re thinking – can a houseboat rental in Arkansas really satisfy everyone in our group? We think it can. Strike that – we know it can. Let us show you how:

  • 16'x75' luxury houseboats
  • Fully furnished to comfortably accommodate up to 14 people
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Extra large living area
  • Six private bedrooms
  • two full bathrooms
  • washer/dryer
  • hot tub and water slide
  • 25' canopy top
  • stereo/cd and complete patio furniture
  • and much more.....

  • For more details on the amenities our rental units offer
    Click here to visit Our Rental Boats page. Come home to our luxury houseboats rentals at Almost Home Houseboats Rentals. With no schedule you will be able to enjoy nature at her finest. If you have any questions, please give us a call or e-mail --we want to be part of your vacation plans!  Find out more about us, and jump to our reservations page.

    Bring on the luxury

    We refer to our boats as the “Presidential Series.” Why? Because every detail – from the modern, well- appointed interiors to the copious amenities – is worthy of the highest dignitary.

    Each boat sleeps up to 14 people. And don’t worry. Your group won’t be stacked one on top of the other on cheap couches or crammed into uncomfortable bunk beds. No one needs to crash on the deck. Each of our Presidential vessels includes six private bedrooms with luxurious queen beds. If you need it, there’s an additional queen-size sleeper sofa.

    When you’re ready to lounge in the sun, you’ll find cozy patio furniture, a 25-foot party deck with a canopy, a swim platform, and your own private waterslide.

    Want to relax even further? No problem. Each vessel comes with a 42-inch flat screen TV, a DVD/VHS player, and a 4 to 6-person hot tub. Indeed, it can be hard not to relax on a luxury houseboat on Lake Ouachita.

    Time for adventure

    The adventurers in your group will not be disappointed with your choice of a Lake Ouachita houseboat rental. In fact, their biggest complaint may be that they didn’t have time to do everything Lake Ouachita has to offer! Here is just a sample of the activities they can choose from:

    Fishing: The adventures begin right from the deck of your own boat! The fisherman on board can drop a line within moments of crawling out of bed – and can continue to fish to their hearts’ content. Lake Ouachita has an impressive variety of fish, including black/large-mouthed bass, white bass, trophy striped bass, catfish, walleye, bream, and crappie. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to cook up some of those fish on the large Holland BBQ gas grill found on every one of our boats.

    SCUBA Diving & Snorkeling:Some people are surprised to learn that SCUBA diving is even an option in the middle of Arkansas. We’re here to tell you, Lake Ouachita is a phenomenal diving destination. Named as one of the cleanest lakes in America, you’ll find unprecedented views of underwater bluffs that are teaming with freshwater fish. Don’t feel like putting on all that SCUBA gear? No problem. The clear waters of Lake Ouachita are perfect for snorkelers as well.

    Hiking: With nearly 1,000 miles of shoreline that showcase the famed green-forested mountains of Arkansas, Lake Ouachita offers endless opportunities for hiking. In fact, just down from our dock is the trailhead for the 16-mile Geo Float trail that will give you access to jaw-dropping geologic formations. Among them are Whirlpool Rock, Submarine Slide, and Zebra Rock, which is one of most prolific quartz- crystal districts in the world. If you’re lucky, you may just spy a few of those “Arkansas diamonds.”

    Kayaking: Lake Ouachita is a kayaker’s paradise. Hugging the vast coastline, you can spot never-ending wildflowers, colorful bluffs, and the occasional beaver lodge. The clear water is also perfect for spotting sunfish or gazing at our lake’s underwater geological formations. If you’re extremely lucky, you may spot one of our rare, non-stinging jellyfish. Those only grow in the cleanest freshwater lakes in the world, by the way.

    Mountain biking: For those who would rather spend some time on two wheels, pull the boat up to the shore and take off. One of the local favorites is the IMBA Epic trail on the south shore of Lake Ouachita, a 38-mile single-track trail with a challenging 3,700 feet of ascent!

    If you want more information about these and other adventures available at Lake Ouachita, call us today.

    Want to get away?

    For some people, the best part of vacation is getting away from it all. They don’t want to talk to other people, don’t want to look at their phone, and simply crave quiet. We all need that sometimes. Fortunately, a Lake Ouachita houseboat rental is the perfect venue for this level of seclusion.

    In fact, Lake Ouachita can offer the ultimate fantasy vacation for those who want to escape it all – your own private island! Boasting over 200 islands, the lake offers limitless opportunities to hop off the boat and explore the lush landscape.

    What will you do once you find “your” island? Read a book under the shade of a tree? Bird watch? Practice your nature photography? The good news about “your” island is that you can basically do anything you want (we do suggest following the laws of the great State of Arkansas, however). And if islands aren’t your thing, feel free to explore our impressive coastline. Lake Ouachita is over 40 miles long and is nestled in the middle of the massive Ouachita National Forest. The forest encompasses nearly 1.8 million acres of rugged and scenic mountains. If you can’t find the seclusion you need here, we think you may not find it anywhere.


    Through the years, we’ve noticed that most houseboat crowds have one thing in common – there are some people on the boat who just want to let loose. That’s fine, so long as they do so safely. We probably don’t need to remind you of the dangers of boating and partying.

    Responsibility, of course, is the key and we encourage that.

    At some point, however, you may want to get off the boat and kick up your heels. No problem – we’ve got solutions for that as well. Within close proximity of our marina, we have resorts, taverns, billiards, and even an oxygen bar!

    You can get here from darn near anywhere

    One of the greatest things about houseboat rentals in Arkansas, and in particular at Lake Ouachita, is that we are centrally located to many of the major hubs of the Southeastern United States. In fact, we’re an easy drive from:

    Dallas/Ft. Worth, Shreveport, Little Rock, Memphis, Ft. Smith, Texarkana, Fayetteville, Greenville

    Lately, we seem to be drawing a crowd from all over the United States. If you want to get here from somewhere that’s outside of driving distance, just fly into Little Rock. We’re slightly over 60 miles from the airport and we’d be happy to introduce you to our great state and phenomenal lake. Call us today if you need help making arrangements.